Student Spotlight: Chester Ebona

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Chester is a Canadian designer and a graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver. He sent us his Cafe Seventy Nine packaging he did for a school project:

Cafe Seventy Nine is a cafe that is committed to only using products and ingredients in their store that are fresh, organic and local. In order to emphasize that in their packaging, I had created four different patterns that are inspired by nature and are done by hand. These four patterns are the main basis of the packaging for Cafe Seventy Nine. The onion pattern is used for the bags; the leaf pattern is used for all the food items; the citrus pattern is used for the gift sets and the flower pattern is used for the cups. Although four different patterns are used throughout the different packaging, the monochromatic green color scheme and the use of craft paper brings the different units together and gives them a cohesive look.

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