Microsoft ARC Mouse

SONIC_Design_Arc1 SONIC_Design_Arc2

New design from NY based SONIC design:

"Computer mice are typically packaged under a clear plastic shell following the contour of the product like a second skin. This construction of the blister allows the user not only to visually inspect the product from multiple angles, but also to check if the ergonomics of a particular mouse shape works for them.

Clearly there are many advantages making a product accessible to our five senses. It is part of human nature not only to look at objects of interest, but also to hear, touch, smell, and eventually to taste them. This is how we learn about new things, how they look, work and might benefit us. To experience something untouchable on the other hand leaves room for our imagination; it triggers curiosity and desire. Out of reach, it can elevate the value perception and emphasizes on the emotional and inspirational benefits of a product. 

In close collaboration with the Microsoft hardware and packaging design groups, SONIC developed a package that intentionally separates the merchandise from the outside world. Positioned as a lifestyle product and catered to a young and fashion-conscious target audience the mouse is featured completely intangibly in a clear-folded plastic box to convey the premium nature and to support a higher price point of the product. Unlike any other product in this category, the mouse is placed sideways highlighting the innovative folding mechanism and beautiful product profile.

The package is square, simple and iconic, split in half with the cardboard pedestal staging the product, just like a piece of art in a gallery."