Tequiloco packaging by designer Agostinho Martins:

"Tequiloco is inspired by the Paloma, a traditional cocktail in Mexico made from citrus-flavored soda and Tequila. Made with Gold Tequila, Tequiloco provides an authentic taste of joy and life of Mexico. Each bottle of Tequiloco contains one full shot of real Tequila. The masked figure on the logo represents the traditional urban Mexican wrestler of the "Lucha Libre", that is fun and celebration. Its unique patented bottle design is inspired by the Mayan Kukulcán pyramid of Chichén Itzá that reflects its origins in the old cantinas of Mexico."

Tequiloco is distributed in the Unites States by USB, Stamford, CT.

To see more of Agostinho's work, email him at: amartinsjr@verizon.net.