A little update from the creative powerhouse that is Turner Duckworth...

Le Tourment Vert_Bottle 2008
Le Tourment Vert_50ml Miniature Carton

"This authentic absinthe was created by Vinet Ege distillery in France.

The bottle graphics were inspired by the swirling, cloudy patterns that

form when absinthe is mixed with water. Disguised within the swirl

graphics are images of a devil and other creatures. The custom bottle

structure was inspired by water carafes found in cafes throughout Le

Tourment Vert’s native France."


Metallica Death Magnetic artwork, (which we've all seen now, but worth

another look!) which has been nominated for a Grammy, the first of many accolades to come I'm sure...


The full extent of the work for Coke, not least the packaging: "Turner Duckworth responded by removing extraneous elements to reveal that which only Coke can have – the Spencerian script and the ribbon design – creating emotional resonance with the fewest possible elements."


Turner Duckworth have worked with Liz Earle for over twelve years, creating an identity that is applied across all brand touch points, from Retail Environment and Web Design to Packaging, Point of Sale and Literature. Thus creating a complete brand experience that epitomises the balance of nature and science.

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