Before & After: Scrabble





Scrabble has been given a packaging refresh by Boston-based Phillips Design Group. The effort was aimed to shed the classic, but arguably stodgy, look and replace it with something more dynamic and 21st Century-like. As described in a lofty press release:

"Phillips latched onto a younger, hipper audience’s need for instant gratification by re-positioning Scrabble as word game that delivers a steady stream of challenging turns and winning moments. With the tag line “Every word’s a winner” and colorful graphics that fly off the box top, the new design hopes to communicates the thrill of winning on every play."

In addition to the more colorful and energetic box design, the Scrabble wordmark has been updated with clearer lettering and an exaggerated swoosh (for lack of a better term) designed, I'm sure, to resemble a smile.

What are your thoughts? Is this re-design an overdue modernisation or the latest awkward step for Scrabble, who has been embroiled in minor controversy for a while now. Chime in with your comments.