Thievery Corporation: Radio Retaliation

I love music packaging. With the Grammy's now behind us, the fanfare prompted me to do a few posts on the CD package. In my opinion, given the state of the industry, designing for the music business poses a challenge for designers to think outside the box (no pun intended), so good solutions are always admirable. 

First up is the Grammy nominated Radio Retaliation by Thievery Corporation. The innovative and eco-friendly packaging was the brainchild of Thievery Corporation and was executed by Neal Ashby, Matthew Curry and Patrick Donahue, all of Ashby Design.  "The designers...have tapped into something I strongly believe is the future of selling physical media like CDs and vinyl records: put it in packaging that is so full on, it makes it collectible. There is no gatefold, no digipak, or even a foamy nub to attach the disc to. Instead, a cardboard wrapper, the kind boxes are made of, keeps a thickly folded poster of liner notes and nestled inside those folds you’ll find the compact disc." - Astounding Sounds


I did some digging around for this so I hope you enjoy. Plenty of more images after the jump...