Andrews & Dunham Tea


New work sent in by Aesthetic Apparatus:

"Aesthetic Apparatus partnered with Charles Andrews and Erik Dunham this
past year to come up with an identity and packaging concept for their
new limited-edition tea company, Andrews & Dunham. What we really
liked, and thought made Andrews & Dunham such a great partnership,
was not just the mutual appreciation of off-color Star Wars references
but the idea that this tea company was more curatorial-based than
production-based. Eliminating Charles or Erik ever having to shill a
tea they didn't love. Both huge tea connoisseurs (Erik even requested
'Tea Lover' be his formal title on his business cards), Andrews &
Dunham hunts down small batches of really great teas that they enjoy,
we produce a set of limited edition packaging for these teas and when
those are gone, we get to start the whole process over again."

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