New scents from Greek skincare brand KORRES:

What is fragrance nowadays? For George Korres it's 'an expression of individuality and mood, a reflection of the various sides of one's self. A unique fragrance. Not easy. Not temporary'. A fragrance that carries the Korres ID, expresses the personality of the brand while protesting partly against it; the focus is on Korres' trademark aesthetics, which on this occasion overshadows the discreet low-profile of the brand. A fragrance that is translated into three [3] different blends, each of which was created independently. Grasse, Tokyo, Geneve. One brief, yet three of the world's leading perfume houses working closely with George Korres - one perfume house for each scent.

Simple, strict bottle at a first glance...a closer look reveals all its qualities... the tiny yet significant details like its 'broken' corners. A special mould had to be designed from scratch...it was developed in Normandy by a small unit of quality glass productions, exclusively for Korres Fragrance. The selected colours signify pharmacy bottles; their luxury is 'smashed' by the use of the pure white soft-touch lid, a truly strange choice for a perfume top, but in tune with the brand's trademark concept of contrasts. The use of the white symbolises pharmacies and labs, spaces that establish the Korres heritage. The result elegant, individual, strict, simple but also a design statement. The artwork featured on the fragrance boxes comes from George Korres' extensive vintage-homeopathy-books collection. The boxes open up like books to reveal the history of each scent inside."

--via Yatzer.com

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