TCHO Chocolate



Spiekermann Partners in San Francisco designed the identity for this new brand of chocolate.

TCHO is a San Francisco-based luxury chocolate manufacturer, whose origins come from the technology industry. The company name is a hybrid, created from a fusion of the words Technology + CHOcolate.

The story behind the chocolate:

"TCHO is the first high-profile chocolate manufacturer to be established in the Bay Area since the incorporation of the Ghirardelli Company in 1852. Thus TCHO represents an ambitious beginning which can be viewed in a significant historical context. In their product development, the founders identified 6 dominant natural aromas in the chocolate flavor spectrum: chocolatey, earthy, nutty, fruity, floral and citrus. It is these distinct flavors on which the product line formulation is based."

The story behind the packaging:

"The square is the base of a modular system that connects all packaging,
collateral and communications as common denominator, conceptually and

TCHO’s secondary typography support the geometric logotype and define the information hierarchy. Functional information is separated from decoration. TCHO emphasizes state-of-the-art techniques in the formulation of product. The venture also employs high-grade production standards in the manufacture of packaging, quality paper, printing and foil-stamping, layers of lacquers, inventive fabrication, and sophisticated presentation. TCHO’s color range extends from dark brown to bright magenta, orange and yellow, reflecting the flavors as well as the hightech. modernist values of the brand."

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