Durvillea Wine



Yasmine El Orfi, of NeoGine Communication Design in New Zealand sent in this packaging for Durvillea Wine:

"Durvillea is a sub brand for award-winning wine-maker Simon Waghorn, of Astrolabe Wines.

As a former marine biologist Simon has strong connections with the ocean, and wished to base this brand around a species of seaweed, Durvillea or Bullkelp. The imagery evoked by this is ripe fodder for brand creation. This coupled with Astrolabe's commitment to quality and style made this a satisfying and enjoyable project, and we are all proud of the result achieved. The labels themselves were inspired by the work of contemporary screen printer Jordan Crane.

Clever print production techniques were essential to the success of this project. The artwork while created digitally was set up to mimic traditional screenprinting techniques. Add a seaspray overgloss and you have a beautiful, strong, distinctive brand which stands out from the rest."