True Delights


True Delights are the foodie's version of a snack bar. Aimed at adult consumers, they are positioned as "indulgent wholesome snacks." Quaker teamed up with DuPuis for the packaging design. Here's how DuPuis approached the project:

To appeal to Food Lovers, companies like Quaker Foods are developing
products that bridge the gap between healthy eating and happy eating.
Most recently, Quaker developed True Delights—a surprisingly indulgent
wholesome snack.

The Result

In creating the visual language and packaging for True Delights, DuPuis wanted to convey three key features about the product:

• Its complex, adult flavor combinations

• Its fresh, natural ingredients

• Its true wholesome decadence

The resulting package system is simple, and successful, using
sophisticated imagery and deep, rich colors to stand out on the
shelf—and apart from the competition. In fact, testing showed better
than average find-times, lower instances of misidentification, as well
as strong taste and quality perceptions.