HEMA Delicatessen Line



Recently we have featured packaging design for a Dutch department store HEMA by PROUDdesign (read here). This one was designed by Amsterdam-based Koeweiden Postma. Their Delicatessen line is distinguished by its hand painted patterns used throughout the

"HEMA introduced a new line of Mediterranean food products, like olives, olive oils, pesto, sauces, pasta, crackers, and fruit in syrup, as an answer to the shifting attention of the Dutch towards the food specialties. The assignment was to reflect this emotional appeal towards the good things in life in the packaging.

The margin of freedom for the Creatives was fairly high. This was also possible, because the packaging didn't have to compete with other products, since HEMA only sells its own brand.

A color system was created for the different packages. The main colors (top half of the labels) were used to mark the different product categories, like oils (brown), vinegar (grey) pestos and sauces (purple), crackers (blue-violet), while sub-colors (lower half) were used to differ products within categories.
The somewhat earthy colors, as well as the patterns used on the labels, were chosen to reflect the Mediterranean origins of the products."

More photos of the line as well as some of the watercolor patterns they used after the jump.