Lotus Tealight Candleholder




Paper tealight candleholder and box from Singapore's Trine design associates:

"[The tealight candleholder is] the intricate result of an experiment exploring form, material and laser production methods. Inspired by the beauty and resilience of a lotus flower blossom, the structure of the
candleholder comprises of three rings of petals.  The intricate patterns on each ring of petals features one type of traditional floral motifs found in Chinese, Arabic and Islamic art respectively. 
These  three  cultures  form  the  majority  of  Singapore’s  melting  pot  of  culture  and
heritage. Symbolically, the lotus flower represents a wish for peace and hope for the
Republic nation.
Each  ring  of  petals  can  be  removed  individually  to  use  as  a  standalone  tealight
candleholder;  or  can  be  stacked  together  to  form  a  single  tealight  candleholder--which resembles a delicate blossoming lotus flower."