Kleenex Christmas Packs


More of those prism-shaped Kleenex boxes for Target—the same construction as those “Perfect Slice of Summer” boxes.

The sweet, felted illustrations by Betz White, in this context, turn the the usual idea of a crafted tissue box cover on its head. Toilet paper cozies and tissue box covers, have long been a staple of middle-American craft projects—(I remember my stepfather’s mother in Louisville having one of: these)—and the motivation for disguising packaged products has a lot to do with the public’s (former) ambivalence about keeping branded products out in the open.


Betz White’s project for Kleenex brings this idea full circle. Like a crafty wolf in Christmas sheep’s clothing, each of these “decorator” boxes proudly wears its faux “hand-crafted” covering, slyly embracing Grandma’s (now quaint) idea that commercial packaging should not be on display in your home.

(More pictures, after the fold...)