Frontera Tortilla Chips


Chicago packaging consultancy Carrmichael Design has created a new look and feel for Frontera Handmade Tortilla Chips:

"This package re-design was initiated to launch Frontera’s updated line of gourmet chips. Unlike most tortilla chips (which are molded from corn masa), Frontera’s “taqueria-style” chips are cut by hand from corn tortillas. The product offering has been limited to four distinct SKUs resulting in a classic set of authentic Mexican chips. 

Carrmichael principal Michael Carr says, “In keeping with the vision of Chef Rick Bayless, we imagined a lively Latin personality with a clean, contemporary voice.” 

The bags feature unique product windows utilizing a large play of traditional Aztec and Mayan glyphs — a recurring element of the Frontera brand — combined with a bold, whimsical arrangement. The facing is dominated by a palette suggesting the colorful landscape of Mexico — bright earthy hues of adobo, agua, cilantro and maize.

Frontera Foods culinary director JeanMarie Brownson says, “These chip bags make my heart beat faster. The look is fresh, upscale and captures the essence of the Frontera brand.”"