Mountain Goat Brewery

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"Freeform in Australia has always loved the beers produced by their friends at Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond, Melbourne. So they were delighted when they were given the opportunity to update the label and packaging to greater reflect the more mature company it had become, as well as broaden its appeal.

Mountain Goat is all about creating a hand crafted beer through natural brewing processes  - using organic ingredients where possible. And as the owners of Mountain Goat, Cam and Dave often say, “it’s all about the beer.”

Tyson Sheean, head of design at Freeform said:

“To reflect this attitude, a simple label based on a natural colour palette was created.

And because it’s all about the beer, we thought let’s not hide it, so we created a truncated label which sits low on the bottle, revealing the beer inside.

To further enhance the clean simplicity of the design we put most of the legal information on the side of the label.

The new range consists of a full compliment of packaging for their Hightail Ale and Steam Ale varieties. And their limited edition Rare Breed brews will also be getting a makeover in the coming months.

“With a name like Rare Breed the design ideas flow pretty easily.” Says Sheean. “We’ve got an idea we’re working up now, which we’re really excited about, so expect to see it early next year.”"



Steam Ale Shipper2_800
Steam Ale_Master_NEW_550 HighTail 6 Pack_800