Recently, I came across this revolutionary tracking device called Fitbit. Unlike other exercise and sleep monitoring devices, Fitbit let's you know how well you're doing with flower. It grows tall and healthy if you're meeting your ideal levels, and wilts if you start slacking off. The tiny device clips to your clothing. You can connect it to an online profile on the Fitbit website to monitor and keep track of your progress. It's not even on the market yet and it's had massive exposure and pre-orders. The $99 price tag is also pretty affordable. I'd love to get my hands on one and see if it really gets you "into it".

In any case, the packaging is what we should be talking about here. I got in touch with the folks at Fitbit, who were kind enough to get me a decent image of their packaging. It's a fairly simple and predictable structure which seems to be molded from an acrylic type plastic. I hope it's recyclable and people find alternate uses for repurposing such permanent kind of packaging.

Do you think the packaging is overkill, or appropriate?

The product and packaging were designed by prolific industrial design studio, NewDealDesign based in California.