Hommu decorative vinyl packs



Gloria Joven, a product
designer at Hommu sent in this recently-completed packaging for a new Spanish brand of
decorative accessories:

"We try to offer a new concept in ‘eco-chic
personalisation’ of the home. It is all about suggesting ideas,
transmitting sensations and philosophies of a positive lifestyle during
these complicated times; something which it does through products
manufactured from 100% recyclable materials....

Hommu® decorative vinyl and packs are purposely packed in a recyclable
box with high quality design and finishing. We have taken the maximum
care in the presentation so that product is ideal to present as a gift,
an item for a special occasion or a special day, etc. At Hommu® we make a commitment to contribute to the work of making this
planet a sustainable, balanced and healthy home. For that reason, we
have decided to work only with those suppliers who manufacture
according to the criteria of environmental sustainability and social
responsibility. We only use top quality 100% recyclable material for
both our products and their packaging."

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