Student Spotlight / Before & After: Barbasol

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José García Eguiguren, who is working on his Masters in Package design at Escola Superior De Disseny, sends in his redesign of the American classic Barbasol:

"This project guidelines was to re-style the popular american barbasol in order to introduced it to the european market. In which I focused on utilizing the basic form that they have been using for years, the barber shop pole (stripes). The aggressive diagonal line that divides the stripes suggest a mix between the shaving cream and the fragance. Also it reffers to the razor blades on the surface of the skin cutting through the beard. The way the lines drives all the way up and down on the sides makes a perfect simulation of the shaving cream mixing and getting out of the can. The form of the can (cap & bottom) and the shape of the stripes lives in perfect armony. The smaller type makes it look more sophisticated and kind of tech."

More images after the jump, as well as the original Barbasol cans.

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