Student Spotlight: Kikkoman

Kikkoman_1 Kikkoman_2 Kikkoman_3

New work designed and sent in by Jon Patterson, a student at the Academy of Art:

"This is a concept involving Kikkoman. The project was to design a high-priced line of products for a low-price company. With Kikkoman chosen, the line was a conceptual brand of "fusion" soy sauces, supposed to be edgy in their own form. The bottle is representative of the sauce shape in each bottle and since the sauces were dark, there was no need to show the actual product, since none were noticeably different from each other. Keeping with the image of Kikkoman, the logo was used as a spot uv around the bottle to contrast the matte and gloss/ as well as create a grip on the base. The corks on the top are unique in that they "float" in the bottle, giving a new dynamic to how corks function in bottles."