Packaging For Snails, Made From Snail Poop.

DejectionWEB0 DejectionWEB4

 Yes, you read that right. This packaging was made out of dyed snail excrements, and it is designed to hold cooked snails. Thats a little strange right? Here is what product designer Manuel Jouvin has to say about it:

"During my researches, I pointed out that colored paper has an influence on color snail excrements. In partnership with Sylvie Pierru, a snailfarmer in Picardie (France), we created packagings made of snail excrements and destinated to cooked snails. They are envisaged in the molding cellulose process by replacing recyclable paper by snail dejections."

More images of this, um, interesting project, and the process, after the jump.


Via Dezeen