A very innovative make your own beverage idea from Kaleidoscope and The Greener Grass:

"Vessel is the ultimate in personalized beverages. It's Your Drink.
It's exactly what the name implies: a system for you to create a drink
that's yours and yours alone by combining flavors and ingredients. It
frees you from the tyranny of lowest common denominator marketing that
produces the same products year after year without ever really

The components
come together in a resuable, Lexan container, sold separately from the
Base, Flavor and Agent. The container features details that are the
product of detailed ethnographic research on athletes and other
performance enthusiasts.

For example, we saw that one of the
shortcomings with a lot of powdered drinks is that they don't mix very
well, leaving unmixed gunk in the bottom of the glass. The small
perturbation on the bottom of the Vessel container serves as an
agitator that helps mix the contents when shaking- no more gunk at the

The hook on the underside of the lid addresses another
common complaint. Screw tops are no good, because they get lost easily.
Drinking bottle usually feature a tethered cap that doesn't get lost,
but it's always in the way. Pull-top valve enclosures used on many
sports drinks are a hassle. Vessel's lid is easy to open, but hard to


Bases provide a combination of
nutrients for your lifestyle that are at the foundation of the drink.
The Active Woman Base might be heavy in iron, calcium, and protein,
while the Mature Man base could focus on zinc, saw palmetto, and

Flavors are
responsibly-sourced, organic extracts of botanical and agricultural
products that allow you to tailor the drink to your tastes- no matter
how exotic they might be. Wheatgrass/mango/oatmeal? No problem.
Cranberry/mocha/vanilla? Coming right up. Or just plain chocolate.

Agents are
the active ingredients that deliver the functional benefits you need.
Vessel has an enormous variety of Agents, from vitamins and minerals to
protein to caffeine, taurine and ginseng, that can be assembled in a
nearly limitless range of combinations.