Merus Wines 10th Anniversary


To celebrate 10 years of quality wine-making, Napa Valley winery Merus commissioned UXUS for a new bottle design. The resulting design is appropriately elaborate, making use of etched black glass with gold leaf, dipped wax cap, and a paper label (on the back). Or, to put in loftier, press release language:

The resulting design captures the spirit of the occasion, and the Merus brand, through its aesthetic properties and unique composition. Expressing undiluted sophistication, the black of the glass bottle features an oversize etching of the Merus logo [...]. The collectable bottle further features gold leaf etched typography and a dipped wax cap to be broken ceremoniously. The creation of this anniversary bottle coincides with the opening of the UXUS designed Merus Winery in Napa Valley, California.

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Oh, and if there are any [additional] Latin nerds reading this post, you might be amused to learn that the Merus brand name was chosen for it's definition:

(mer * us) n. [latin] 1. Pure, unmixed. 2. Complete, absolute, undiluted; especially of wine.