Lazy Magnolia Gulf Porter


"Gulf Porter,
the first in Lazy Magnolia's Brewers Choice Series, is
brewed with carefully selected malts, oats and hops. Our special strain
of yeast adds a unique spicy note to compliment the rich complexity and
smooth character of this creation from Mississippi's Brewery. With warm
notes of toffee and caramel, this Porter is sure to spark a lively
discussion on the finer points of Southern living.

Half gallon growlers will be available throughout Mississippi and
small, select regions of Louisiana and Alabama. There will be a limited
number of kegs available from the Mississippi Coast to Jackson. It will
be released in a limited quantity by mid-November 2009.

We chose the half gallon growler as the vessel because of the rich
bootlegging history of the area where the brewery sits. The water there
is perfect for making "Mississippi White Lightning" as the locals call
the illegal moonshine."

created the identity and the packaging.