RAW Health

"Pearlfisher was
tasked with creating an identity and packaging solution that redefined
the category: taking the raw food movement beyond its current niche and
making it universally understood and accepted. The essence of RAW is
taking food at its most primary state, that is, uncooked, basic,
untouched and unprocessed — keeping in all the goodness and nutrients,
as opposed to cooking or heating them out.

The contemporary packaging reflects the edginess of the brand and
literally makes RAW raw. It expresses a definitive look and feel of
'vibrant living' through a palate of rich colours and bold expressive
typography. The tone of voice captures the energy, vitality and
packed-with-as-much-goodness, as there can possibly be in one product
sentiment. It is as real as it is raw. The design has been translated
across 15 SKUS, from crisp-breads to chocolates.

Natalie Chung, Creative Director Pearlfisher, comments, "RAW is an
interesting brand with a concept that has allowed the designers to
create a dynamic range of packaging that really redefines the category,
creating something unique, rather than borrowing aesthetic cues from
other categories. RAW HEALTH now becomes the benchmark for raw."

Donata Berger – Sales Director at Windmill Organics comments, " Our RAW
HEALTH brand has been received extremely well by our customers and will
be available in health food stores throughout the UK and Ireland.
Pearlfisher really got beneath the skin of RAW and provided us with a
vibrant design that totally fits our 'vibrant living' message."

RAW is currently being launched in the UK and is available in Planet Organic and Wholefoods."