Prism London Eyewear Case


A gorgeous design by SabotagePKG for Prism London. Many more images after the jump.

"Eyewear is about optics and light, it was intended to capture this in an iconic design. A crystalline prism
form seemed idyllic as a solution, the transparent two-piece injection
moulded case stands upright and reflects this core idea that glasses
are all about light and vision. The case design stands apart from
anything else on the market giving the PRISM brand real standout at point of sale.

is a new brand of hand-made, hand-finished glasses. It was a primary
objective to create an outstandingly different concept for eyewear
packaging that also offers POS display. PRISM
is aimed at the top end of the eyewear market, to people for whom
glasses are an important aesthetic accessory and retailed at global
high-end stores to include Browns, London and Barneys, NY."

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