Jonathan Adler Holiday Packaging




You may remember the wonderful packaging for Jonathan Adler's salt shaker collection we featured awhile back. Well, now we've got some new gift boxes for holiday ornaments for you all. Stephen Moss, a designer for Jonathan Adler says:

"One thing that we
always keep in mind with regards to packaging design is to consider
every angle and side of the box. We always try to leave a fun surprise
or graphic on the bottom of the package, giving all of our customers a
visual reward for picking it in our stores.  

The first is our Peace + Love Ornament Set in a
groovy box with hand-drawn typography and a custom pattern inspired by
the ornaments. 

Our provocative
porcelain Banana Ornament is in a pop-y, bold box, with a
tongue-in-cheek graphic on the bottom. We especially like the banana
icon replacing the letter "L" in our company name on the side. 

Our last three packages are a trio of Pop
Menagerie ornaments. The patterns on each box coordinate with the
bursts of color on the ornament."

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