Bolt Barbers

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"The American male is rediscovering the old world barbershop experience and our creation of the Bolt Barbers brand is helping to create a 3rd place for guys 7 to 70 to socialize. From brand strategy, to brand identity, business papers, verbal branding to signage and web, we have informed every touch point for this exciting new offering being launched in LA in 2009.  

Shear, Shave and Shine reflect the playfulness that is behind the Social Beasts moniker that reflects the Bolt Barbers brand. They are modeled from the classic hair clippers that are at the center of the Bolt Barbers brand experience. Our specially cut font helps bring a solid character to the Bolt Barbers brand, while the monkey’s playful brand personality is never far away.

Bolt Barbers will be launching a full line of personal care products. Our packaging design system helps organize a complex line or products and scents. The unique product structures are sought to reinforce the premium, yet approachable, presentation of the brand."

Designed by Perspective Branding.