Student Spotlight: Maria Papadonikolakis

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3 Projects by Maria Papadonikolakis, a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York City:

"This isn't just an ordinary case of beer. What makes this packaging so "revolutionary" is the fact that it's an 8-pack and the cans are big. Targeted for men who want to be big and powerful like Chairman Mao himself. The lining of the faces represent a strong Chairman Mao army, as well as the idea of communism."

"Muhammad Ali is known as "invincible", but in reality, he endorses first aid supplies to keep his "invincibility" image. I thought putting his face on first aid supplies not only gives that message, but it's also someone kids can look up to when they're injured and using these products."

"Chocolate is well known to put a smile on someone's face. With a fun package, maybe it'll give people even more joy. Targeted to all chocolate lovers."

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