Student Spotlight: Jacqui Norman


"This unique brand of Polish Vodka carries a herb/organic flavour due to the use of Bison grass within each bottle. The Bison roam the Bialoweiza forest in Poland and due to their weight, leave unique bold shaped footprints through the dirt - these shapes acted as inspiration for the bold font I have created for the label name. When people think of Poland they usually associate the country with the war and as traditional - this new/fresh vodka label moves away from that notion and manifests the contemporary side of Poland."


"Tea - bag promotional collateral for K.W.DOGGETT’s ‘JPP SYNTHETIC’ paper range. To communicate the key message of ‘waterproof and durable’, I created a set of 4 tea-bag tags made out of JPP synthetic to allow designers/creatives to be able to physically interact with the paper and witness the effects while dunking the paper into their tea cup. When they are finished with the tag, they can tear off the top and they are left with K.W.DOGGETT’S business details on the other side."

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