Before & After: Aquarius Fresh



You all may remember Dimaquina for the vibrant work they did on the Popfish packaging awhile back. Well, Daniel Neves, the creative director of the firm, just sent a recently completed packaging and logo redesign project for Coca Cola Brazil for a brand of sodas sold there:

"CHALLENGE: Aquarius Fresh must
disrupt traditional graphic codification of sodas in Brazil
and repositioning the brand as the main product reference in brazilian
market category.

Fresh has a colorized liquid, in opposition of other brands. So, colour
was the starting point to our strategy going through a sensorial
experience and it defines as main element of our visual identity

RESULT: We wanted to
amplify and change perception of the product in associating Aquarius
Fresh to a new experience on consuming. It implies not only in an act
of drinking, but an act of seeing, imagining colours and estimulates
creativetly associations of different sensorial experiences. Thus, we
came over with Synesthesia main idea and create the claim: Aquarius
Fresh is drinking a colour! Through Aquarius Fresh liquid colours,
we've looked for an packaging experience of our claim as most intense
as possible on label and bottle. We made several studies in printing to
bring enough luminosity and transparency onto label and to make the
aesthetics effect we desired. It was fundamental that graphic design
have a graphic system extremelly simple, clean and iconographic to aim
the best result. From this point, colours itself did the rest."

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