In a recent issue of Inc., they shortlisted '30 under 30' (30 entrepreneurs under age 30). One of them is John Goscha, age 25 who is the founder of IdeaPaint. I was intrigued and looked them up online. I was glad to discover that they had some really attractive branding and packaging for their product, IdeaPaint - dry erase surface paint.

"IdeaPaint is a single-coat, roller-applied paint that can turn any “paintable” surface into a dry-erase surface. Essentially, IdeaPaint can create a whiteboard environment wherever your ideas might take form (walls, columns, doors, refrigerators, bathrooms, etc.)—but it’s less than half the cost of a traditional whiteboard and better performing. IdeaPaint is also the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market, with limited packaging, transport and materials required."

The branding and packaging was designed by Jones. Big graphic elements were used to emphasize the product's simplicity. 50 square feet. Mix THIS into THAT. I really like the honest simplicity. By creating a look that is totally different from the usual paint product category, Jones achieved a standalone look that differentiates IdeaPaint from all other regular paint.


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