Studio Spotlight: Moxie Sozo

Fruta Del Diablo3 

GoLite Shelter 1 

Left Hand - Fade to Black 

Nuun U 3 

Fruition - Peach 1 

Red Dog 1 EatPastry4 

We feature Moxie Sozo's work from time to time, so you've probably seen some of these projects before. Nevertheless, we thought we'd pull together an official studio spotlight and show them off altogether, plus some that we haven't featured before.

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EatPastry 1 



Fruta Del Diablo 1 

Fruta Del Diablo 2 



Left Hand - Warrior Left Hand - 400 pound Monkey 

Nuun U 1 

Nuun U 2 

Fruition - Blueberry 

Fruition - Blueberry1 

Fruition - Rasberry 1 

Fruition - Strawberry1 

Red Dog 2 

Red Dog 3 

Red Dog4