Ask The Dieline: Question #04

Areli Gallardo writes in to ask the package design community a very interesting question, where is the division between graphic design and industrial design in regards to packaging?

"My name is Areli Gallardo I'm from México, I just graduated from industrial design and I want to specialize in packaging design. I been a huge fan of The Dieline for a while and I been noticing that almost all the packages presented here are "normal" glass bottles, PET bottles, boxes or bags, but they only thing that changes is the graphic and perhaps the material. My question is why a nice graphic in a "normal" bottle is considered packaging design? Isn't it graphic design for packaging? I mean, isn't it there a division between graphic designer and industrial designers to become a packaging designer? Or does a packaging designer needs to be both? And how can we say a packaging of any product is good packaging? because of a nice graphic that atracts people? or the graphic is a "plus"? And when the graphic, the label becomes "the packaging"? 

I think industrial designers have this 3D thinking, that packaging has a need. Is packaging design waiting for industrial designers to take them further? Or the labels will take packaging further? I'm aware about the importance of graphic and the "power" it has; but is not clear to me if graphic designers are getting ahead of industrial designers and leading the world of packaging or packaging is waiting for industrial designers to reinvent them.

I really would like to receive an answer to this question that is been hunting me for several weeks. Thank you very much!"

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