Student Spotlight: Christine Clayton

Gossamer_whole_web Roostersrise_beer


Christine Clayton has just graduated (on friday!) from Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.

"Gossamer (top) is a boutique hotel for which I created the concept and complete brand identity. The hotel is located in Seattle, which is also known as the Jet City and home to Boeing and The National Museum of Flight. The hotel is a boutique brand and is based on the idea of flight and gets its name from the Gossamer Albatross-- the first human powered flight machine. I wanted something for the brand which would speak directly to the client, so I created in-room packaging items.

Roosters Rise (middle): I created a logo and brand identity for a beer released by The Oregon Brewing Co. called Roosters Rise. The recipe is based on an 1800's english recipe and I sought to embody that heritage with the logo's use of blackletter which forms the Rooster.

Mattel Muscle Car Packaging (bottom): The concept was ti create a new line of product packaging for Mattel Muscle model cars. Across the board, all brands of model car packaging look stale, bland and often very outdated. I wanted to add punch and liveliness to an otherwise unappealing category of packaging."

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"Concept: Crayola's current fingerpaint packaging is pretty basic, boring and doesn't speak to children or parents. I created a line of fingerpaint canisters that play on the brand equity of crayola's colors (their color names themselves have brand equity; ex: forest green, purple mountain majesty). I created scenes (made to look as if they were constructed from white cut paper) that depict each color and bring some whimsy and retro styling fun to the packaging."Fingerpaint_greenFingerpaint_magentaGossamer_waterbottleGossamer_waterlabelGossamer_soap_web