Stejar Beer


"Stejar was launched by SAB Miller in 2005 as the first stand alone Strong beer brand. (with a higher alcohol content than regular products). After a year and a half the company wanted to evolve the package into a new variant, with lower alcohol, that would grow the brand outside the strong beers niche and bridge the gap between regular beers and strong beers, in order to capture a bigger slice of the market share. The price positioning was upper-mainstream.

Our approach was simple: we dived deep into men’s universe and gather from there all the things men treasure. So we designed a shiny 3D package and logo based on sports team imagery, car logotypes, watches, carbon fibre textures from racing cars, and military heraldic. We built a new, heavier and more masculine typeface for the logotype, place it on a dark red flag and we choose desaturated gold metallic to build a design reminding of automotive logos and expensive watches engravings."

Designed by Romania based Acme Industries.