Student Spotlight: Sara Strand


Sara Strand is a freelance graphic designer and senior year packaging design student based in Sweden. Here is a description she sent in of her recent projects:

"Love Fonts Memo is a classic memory game where it’s all about finding a matching pair of cards. At the end the player with most card pairs wins. The cards represents love stories about different kind of type faces. Love Fonts Memo is perfect whether you are a professional or a rookie.

High quality apples from Aomori, Northern Japan: Fresh fruit has a high status in Japan and apples are often sold as gifts (£6 per apple). The package is at least as important as the content itself. Aomori is one of the leading brands and account for 50 percent of the japanese apple market.

This package is a symbol of the quality, elegance and exquisite taste of Aomori Apples. A japanese colour explosion combined with a scandinavian simplicity. It’s made for two apples and inside there is a wrapper that keeps the apples safely.

Fish, Bird, Dog & Cat is a line of animal food/candy. Organic food/candy which comes in a packaging with little windows. So you can easily see what product you’re buying for your pet."

More shots of Sara's work after the jump.