Desert Labs: The Ice Cube Diet


The Ice Cube Diet made by Desert Labs debuted in the US last week. The packaging caught my eye.  I spoke with Jane Walsh of jcw pr who is representing the company.

She told me the basic design concept was to stand out and communicate nature and quality.

"The designers thought that protruding the cubes will help the Ice Cube Diet package stick out in the store refrigerator and capture the buyer’s attention," Walsh said.  "The extension of the packaging, with the cubes, also helped the product have more of presence on the store shelf."

The packaging was designed by Studio Merhav in Tel Aviv.

“The white color will serve us, we thought, in creating a sense of quality and freshness that the unique product deserves," Studio Merhav told us. "We also extended the hoodia on the packaging in order to stress out the naturalness of the product, using green in the logo and otherwise also helps with that.”

The product is unique as it is sold frozen.

Via Sustainable is Good