Another Fine Mess


Lovely package designs done by Arianna Toft while studying at Pratt Institute. Arianna is now a designer for Pearlfisher.

The Assignment: Choose a famous person. They could be from
the past or present, political or celebrity, scientist or adventurer.
Research them and find out what they're known for, what they should've
been known for, their personality, habits, quirks, likes, dislikes.
Based on your research, design a product inspired by the person.

The Solution: Another Fine Mess
line of cleaning and home repair liquid solutions inspired by the comic
duo, Laurel and Hardy. Always getting into trouble and creating a mess, the two always had a fantastically absurd story behind each dilemma. Rather than looking at a mess as a problem, Another Fine Mess is for those who see the light-hearted and funny side in potentially disastrous situations.