Saku Beer

Saku is the oldest brewery in Estonia, dating back to 1820. It has been the symbol of Estonian beer for over a century. Dan Mikkin explains the history and the rebrand.

Saku Kuld was a new brand launched in 2006 to celebrate Saku's heritage
and superior expertise – it was designed to be the cream of Estonian
beers. Our agency, The Division, came up with the product name Kuld (Gold), wrote
the brand legend and produced all the advertising. I was the Art
Director in charge of packaging – the bottle design and all that came
with it. In 2007 it was followed by a tin can.


Saku Originaal is the Beer of Estonia, the first modern beer after our country regained independence in 1992. It has been the most popular beer brand on the domestic market, as well as the obvious choice for any visitor and Estonian beer fans around the globe.

For many years, the label design was commissioned to Western agencies, i.e. from Denmark. But in 2006 we at The Division were trusted with a thorough redesign of the brand. Shown here is the 2007 version, with a new brewery logo we launched that year.

Saku Originaal Club Edition – a sub-brand, is a lighter version of the traditional brew in a club size bottle, aimed at younger, merrier, more style-conscious audience, this launched in 2007.