Coto is a luxury fashion accessories company in NYC. Their slender, well-made neckties and hand made cuff links are stylish and understated. Their products are packaged in unique packaging. The cuff links are packed in tiny glass vials sealed with a cork and branded with the Coto logo. When they are shipped, they come nestled in a bed of reindeer moss. The ties are in round 'capsule' boxes that were also shipped in the moss.

(photo credits: Reuben Miller)


Here's some background info that Dominick Volini of Coto was kind enough to share with me: 

"[about the cuff links] We are big collectors of curiosities. Our
friend and industrial designer, Greg Buntain, made us bamboo vials when
we first started the brand. We loved them. We played off of this vial
theme to encase our links. Our cufflinks are specimens of nature – made
from coconuts, tagua nuts, horns, briar root, etc... We also needed a
durable case to house the delicate “fly” links which are made out of
natural feathers.   The glass vials and natural cork presented the
links very well – like a message in a bottle washed up on the
beach...relics from a distant island. The COTO laser engrave adds a
nice clean branding detail.

[about the neckties] Playing off of the round-end necktie and sustainable components of our products, we wanted to create packaging that integrated these unique features. We fused two cases that we constantly use – tea containers and an old fly fishing reel case. We loved the round capsule aesthetic of the tea containers and the proportions of the reel case. Using recycled paper with a linen texture gave it the enviro piety and aesthetic we were looking for.

We wanted the exterior of the capsule to be clean – we are big fans of ample white space on web/print so we used....white. The interior needed to pop with our signature orange-yellow color we call 7AM (a good time to check the surf and see the beautiful sun rising). The branding is simple and understated as well – a tonal emboss/deboss “O” logo on the top and a small “COTO” wordmark print on the interior top."



"We use reindeer moss to buffer the capsule and vial in their shipping containers. It is a nice detail when opening the package – instead of finding packing peanuts we surround the cases with soft, sponge-like, natural moss. Full disclosure, we are also addicted to the woodsy smell of it."


More about Coto: COTO is rooted in a philosophy of self expression. It is a simple idea that penetrates everything we create – to be forward-thinking in our own unique way. We view the building of COTO through an artistic lens that provokes thought and, we hope, inspires others in our creative niche. 

Our inspiration is pulled from a passion in art, sport, nature and travel. Nomadic surfers, isolated artists and culture-seekers ourselves, we embody the freedom and authenticity of a left-of-center attitude.

The COTO product offering is our platform of expression. Utilizing nature-borrowed, sustainable materials, we create a limited collection for those who appreciate the details. By using carefully selected components, each product reveals a familiar, almost vintage quality in character and craftsmanship. They complement a style of understated sophistication – for the sartorial and sustainably minded.