Bear Naked

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Designed by Ptarmak, Inc of Austin Texas:

"Bear Naked is an all natural/organic snack company. Their products are mostly granolas, trail mixes, specialty granolas and hot cereal - all made with bearly processed ingredients that are 100% pure and natural. Bear Naked prides it self on honesty and transparency when it comes to ingredients and making sure the consumer is aware of them. We have included a window on all packaging so that the consumer can clearly see what the product is, and we point out all the ingredients on the back side of the packaging and some times even the ingredient origin. Bear Naked offers fulfillment of the mind, body and spirit, it’s real food that really nourishes all three. As an all natural brand, Bear Naked provides pure adventure. The packaging supports this offering as it is flexible and resealable and truly can go where you go whether that’s up a mountain or to the office. For more information on Bear Naked you can go to"

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