Patently Obvious


Obvious is KMI's new range of personal cleaning products combines a
natural antibacterial action with a biodegradable formulation that
actually works giving performance without compromise. Andy Hill and the
NPD (New Product Development) team have been working on this range
since 2005. Will King wanted packaging that was distinctive and unique
so custom bottles (ironically styled on classic 'chemistry' bottles)
were designed in-house and produced by M&H Plastics. The bottles
are made here in the UK using 100% post consumer recycled plastics
(such as old fizzy drinks bottles).

To complement the modern look of the packaging we commissioned Newl
& Potter to look at logo concepts and a range of icons that would
help highlight the key benefits of the range. The final design and the
icons can be seen below.

KMI's design team then took the approved logo and icons and applied
them to the actual packs which were all silkscreened or pad-printed in
white for maximum impact.

The design team also produced support materials including swing tags
and POS (Point of Sale) tray and header cards. The website for Patently
Obvious is currently nearing completion and this will build on strong
graphic identity that has been created for this brand."