Coca-Cola WE8 Limited Edition Bottles


Via Communication Arts

In recognition of the world coming together in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Coca-Cola invited global artists from graphic design and music, both established and up-and-coming, to depict what the occasion means to them.  The project, named WE8 to symbolize the eight musicians from the West (from New York-based Ultra Records) in collaboration with eight graphic artists from the East (China) coming together to interpret eight themes from the “Coke Side of Life” brand campaign and express that vision to the world. The result: eight, stylized, aluminum contour bottle designs, eight songs and a successful cultural and artistic exchange between artists from around the globe.

Top Row (from left):
Healthy World: Xin Jing (China), visual artist; Kaskade (U.S), musical artist.
Uplifting Moments: Liu Zhi-zhi/Guang Yu/He Jun, MeWe (China), visual artists; Benny Benassi (Italy), musical artist.
Human Collaboration: Javin Mo/Wilson Tang, Milkxhake (China), visual artists; Lucas Prata (U.S.), musical artist.
Happiness: Wang Xu (China), visual artist; Jay-J (U.S), musical artist.

Bottom Row (from left):
Peace on Earth: Jian Ji-ang/Weestar/Meng Ke, Joyn Viscom (China), visual artists; Serge Devant (Russia), musical artist.
Active Optimism: Chen Shaohua (China), visual artist; Cezar (Jamaica), musical artist.
Global Harmony: Xiao Xue (China), visual artist; Tiësto (The Netherlands), musical artist.
Individual Perseverance: Jiang Hua (China), visual artist; Jes (U.S), musical artist.