Cully & Sully


Series of packaging by The Brand Union for Irish food producers Cully & Sully.

"Young entrepreneurs Colum O’Sullivan (Sully) along with Cullen Allen (Cully)
from Ballymaloe House set about developing a range of gourmet ready-to-cook
It was important that Colum and Cullen’s passionate food credentials were
communicated to the customer so that they would trust the products. The brand
also had to be a fun and quirky experience and convey the founders’
youthfulness. At the same time food is a serious business, so the brand could
not be too whimsical.
The creative team built a unique look-and-feel based on the duo’s
personalities and passion for good food. The accessible, homely and friendly
packaging style re-emphasises the authenticity of the fresh ingredients and
delicious flavours of the brand. Real food values are reflected through the
blackboard menu idea which was unlike any other ready meals packaging on the
market. This allowed Cully & Sully to have a friendly and informal voice to
the consumer on their packs, while their brandmark reflected a serious attitude
towards real food. We created hand-drawn sketches which along with on-pack personal
recommendations from Cully & Sully speak directly to the consumer."

The Brand Union's work did not go unnoticed - in 2006 Cully & Sully package design was awarded at the Irish Design Effectiveness Award, in 2008 their design won the Global SIAL d'Or award, with judges putting emphasis on "carefully designed" packaging.