Milkman Chocolates


One of a series of collaborative chocolate concepts by former classmates & Smart Design alumni, Charita Patamikakorn and Nao Tamura.

Charita Patamikakorn has a NYC-based design consultancy called Kool Girl Posse. Nao Tamura is a graphic/product designer—(Check out her concept phone for KDDI).

It’s sort of an ongoing obsession of mine, cross-referential packaging,
but this particular chocolate package concept—(referencing old-fashion
milk bottle caps)— definitely transcends my usual examples. (Bottle Caps and Soda Candy, for example) 

I asked Charita if she could tell me anything about their collaborative project.

chocolate project was something we were always talking about doing. It
was an exploration of chocolate forms and the packaging. Totally
conceptual, but this is the easy part for us: coming up with the actual
chocolate forms, the names, the narrative storytelling per concept. The
idea was to sell it ourselves, but we haven’t pursued it. (We keep
talking about it though! Still...after years.)”

–Charita Patamikakorn

Although I’m old
enough to actually remember when milk came in bottles brought by the
milkman, I’m thinking that, the longer they wait to bring Milkman
Chocolates to market, the fewer customers will be around who still get
the milkman/bottlecap reference. Of course, I could be wrong about
that. A lot of root beer packaging still alludes to old barrels, after all.

(See a photo of an old milk bottle cap, after the jump...)


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