Greenshoot Soup


From the release:

According to Urban Foods, Greenshoot Soups is the first really convenient individual fresh soup range to be launched for the French market, and the company wanted the packaging to combine practicality and ease of use for consumers with a stylish new look to create maximum shelf impact.

Designed to meet the demands of busy lifestyles, the new pack from RPC offers optimum consumer convenience, being lightweight, easy to open and microwaveable.

The container is co-extruded and thermoformed in PP/EVOH/PP by RPC Bebo Nederland. The multi-layer construction offers significant barrier protection to ensure, in combination with processing, that the soup has a shelf life comparable to traditional packaging. The cup’s rounded design delivers sufficient durability to withstand high filling temperatures and is compatible with standard in-car cup holders so that soups can be enjoyed safely and
conveniently on the move.

Injection moulded in PP by RPC Halstead, the recloseable and stylish
lid features a convenient drinking spout, a sip hole cover, and a complimentary design with the cup to enable easy stacking.
The cup design has a large sleeving area and attractive shape for on-shelf
packaging appeal and both cup and lid are available in a wide range of color and decoration options to create further branding opportunities.

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