Fruit Pocket!



Darlingisbeautiful®, a new Branding Consultancy, set up in Paris in early 2008, recently redesigned Materne-Confilux's kid's line, "Fruit Pocket!":


Beyond an elementary revitalization, Darling has advised Materne-Confilux
to move towards a brand new positioning: from a neutral tone of voice
and global audience, to a clearly assumed target: Kids. Darling worked
on the strategic positioning, the general look & feel and gives
life to “the band” of eyes catching fruity mascots, which are now know as "The Fruit Pockets". The Brand ID and Packaging structure already existed.


fruit characters act as new friends for kids, helping them keeping
their “5 a day” habits with these "healthy snacks". Darling adds
freshness thanks to little drops, and foliage at the top of the pack to
evoke a sense of "nature-ness" feeling, as the "compote" (fresh fruits
purée) is made of 100% fruit and no sugar added. Indeed, the goal of
the "100% fruit” pictogram is to reassure parents in a
"yes-you-can-give-it-to-your-kids" kind of way.