Mooving to a new milk jug


My friend Angie, an avid design and sustainability enthusiast, tipped me off to the new milk jugs that Walmart is pushing. They supposedly keep milk fresher, reduce packing and transportation costs, and are more fridge-friendly.

Sam’s Club Members are reaching for a fresh alternative in the dairy cooler -- a square shaped gallon that represents a packaging change consistent with the transformation of milk from pitchers to glass bottles in the late 1800’s and then cardboard cartons to plastic gallons in the early 1950’s.

Apparently consumers may need some re-education about how to most effectively pour from these new jugs, but my personal opinion is that once that happens, we will switch and never look back. (And probably forget about our old gallon cartons.) However, I have not used one personally yet.

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The pouring issue is significant enough that many retailers (including Sam's Club, Costco, and Walmart) are giving demos. You can read more about that in this New York Times article.

Walmart says:

Today’s new square or case-less milk jugs do not require crates or racks for shipping and storage. Instead, the newly designed milk gallon is self stacking because the spout is flatter and each gallon can rest on another during transport, as well as while on display. It’s estimated trucks used for shipping from the processor to club can accommodate 9% more milk -- 4,704 gallons per truck or approximately 384 more jugs -- without any metal racks.* In addition, the flat top and wider spout do not come in contact with other equipment during filling reducing the risk of possible contamination.

At a time when the impact of food inflation appears on every grocery receipt, the new case-less jug also delivers a cost savings of 10 to 20 cents.

Images and quotes courtesy of Walmart's press release.

For a side-by-side view of the new and old milk containers, check out this Flickr photo. For a better view of the new jug's spout, see this Flickr photo.

If the packaging proves to be as beneficial as Walmart claims, I could definitely get behind it. I just hope someone starts designing some nicer labels for it...