Freida's Habanero Peppers Jar


Frieda's Inc. is renown for specialty produce. Brittany Laughlin designed new labels for their Habanero Peppers. I am not aware if this is actually a production label or conceptual, but the company and products are real. The diecut lettering is clever and adds a lot to the product, but I suspect it would cost at least 3x as much as a standard pressure sensitive label. Additionally, I wonder about the practicality of applying a label with delicate little extensions (like in the letters E and S) without damaging them. I am sure it's possible, but would stay away from this effect if I were under a restricted budget. Still, it's a very appealing design.

Update: Brittany let me know that this label design was indeed conceptual only. Frieda's did not produce this label design. Either way, we think it's a great-looking package design!